Open Up to a New Market

With an expanding One Billion person user base, Facebook is an essential advertising tool.

Drive Brand Awareness

Organically extend your brand through the largest social network.

Advanced Customer Targeting

Fine-tune your advertising focus and set your sights on the most effective demographics.

Advanced Reporting Services

Observe the direct results of your campaign with simple performance reports.

The Audience

With its immense user base and pool of statistics, Facebook’s advertising platform is unparalleled. Connect with customers, new and old, and effectively be sought out on the largest social network with Times Union Digital’s Social Media Marketing (SMM) services.

The Purpose

Reach out to your potential customers and get them talking about your business. Circulate your latest offers and promotions with the click of a button.

The Opportunity

The largest potential market of people available on the web. With an increasing user count of over one billion, Facebook marketing allows businesses to advertise, promote, and engage their customers on a massive scale.

Eye-Catching Creative

Inform and capture interest with effective advertisements that will draw in new and existing customers.

Who are You?

Promote your brand to the immense audience that Facebook provides. Allow your unique voice and ideas to be heard.

Build a Loyal Network

Become a trusted member of the community through active engagement and create a loyal following.


Search and deliver to your target demographics. Facebook’s plentiful batch of statistics can point you in the right direction. Search by employment, age, language, lifestyle, and so much more.


Aim as locally or nationally as you desire with Facebook’s location data.


Find out what matters to your demographic, and promote directly to them. Advertise to potential customers based on preferred activities, entertainment choices, hobbies, sports interests, or even shopping habits; effective advertising brings the customers to you!

Ad Preview

Get creative with your ads and design them with your audience’s taste in mind.

Performance Data

Detailed performance data delivers information on your advertising efforts, including data on click rates and ‘likes.’


Learn more about your desired audience as you further your campaign, and readjust accordingly.