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Keyword Search Targeting

Segments are identified by keyword searches the user has performed

Contextual Targeting

Reach a specific audience by serving display ads alongside keywords as they are viewed by users

Retargeting Your Customers

Re-engage potential customers on a variety of websites, who have already visited your website

Reach the right customers

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Other types of digital advertising are available through Hearst Digital. The explosive growth of mobile (smartphone, tablet) use allows for new opportunities to reach your customers while they spend time on those devices. Learn how to utilize streaming video to market your business, and to advertise your message at the start of videos You Tube. Reach your business’ goals with a tailored digital program – Call Hearst Digital today! 518-454-5832.

keyword search targeting
Keyword Search Targeting is a type of behavioral targeting. Segments are identified by keyword searches the user has performed. The advertiser will choose a list of keywords. Ads will be served to users who have searched for those keywords as they access content within the Advanced Targeting Network.
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Reach a specific audience by serving display advertising alongside key words or phrases as they are being viewed by internet users.
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Follow-up with a message to a user that has visited your website recently/  This type of advertising can boost brand and product relevance to the user.

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